Courses I have taught

  • Software Carpentry Workshop
    eScience Institute, UW
    May 2021, Oct 2021
    Teaching Assistant for Python software carpentry workshop. Undertook Carpentry instructor training in Jan 2023.

  • GCB 537: Advanced Computational Biology
    TA with Dr. Yoseph Barash, UPenn
    Spring 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018
    Teaching Assistant for the Ph.D. level course with three components: statistical data analysis and machine learning techniques for computational biology, discussion on current topics in genomics and computational biology, and hands on experience in data analysis, coding and evaluation of computational biology tools/algorithms.

  • GCB 537 Guest Lecture: Support Vector Machine
    TA with Dr. Yoseph Barash, UPenn
    April 2016-2019
    Guest lecture on Support Vector Machine for Ph.D. level course at UPenn.

  • CIS 800 Deep Learning Reading Group
    Co-organizer with Dr. Yoseph Barash, UPenn
    Summer 2016, Spring 2018
    Co-organizer of reading groups to cover deep learning book and interpretation methods for deep learning models.